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Single Flavor Without Nuts

Brown Sugar Maple
Nice rich Brown Sugar Fudge with just the right amount of Maple. Topped with a layer of White Chocolate.
Cappuccino Tiramisu
Rich, creamy, White Chocolate swirled with amazing Tiramisu. Contains the wonderful aromas and tastes of coffee, chocolate, and cream.
Decadent Dark Chocolate
Deep, rich, unsurpassed! Extraordinarily smooth. Truly decadent.
Just Chocolate
Rich, smooth, creamy, classic, chocolate.
Milk Chocolate
Silky smooth, rich, milk chocolate.
Peanut Butter Chocolate Drop Temptation
Real Peanut Butter. Real Chocolate. Enough said.
White Chocolate Cherry Coconut
Rich, creamy White Chocolate. Loaded with premium glazed cherries and topped with coconut.
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